The Last Justice, Praise

“One of this year’s hottest debut authors.”

“An absorbing debut novel full of galloping plot twists, with that special touch: emotional truth.”
 —PERRI O’SHAUGHNESSY, New York Times bestselling author 

“[R]uns at 100 miles an hour and . . . full of ‘did not see that coming’ moments and with an ending that will surprise you. The Last Justice is wonderful.”

“[Franze] is a lawyer whom I am damn sure we will hear about in the coming years—a name that’s going to be said in the same breath as that of Scott Turow, John Grisham, and Steve Martini.”  —NEW MYSTERY READER MAGAZINE (5 bolts) 

“Watch out, John Grisham—Franze has arrived, and he’s damn good!”
—GAYLE LYNDS, New York Times bestselling author

The Last Justice is a fine and much recommended pick, not to be missed.”

The Last Justice declares the arrival of a major new talent.”
—JEFF LONG, New York Times bestselling author 

“An elegant and sophisticated thriller only an insider could have written.”
—BRIAN H. HOOK, former Special Assistant to the President and former Assistant Secretary of State 

The Last Justice is a fast moving thriller with a clever plot, plenty of red herrings and a surprise ending I did not see coming.”
—PHILLIP MARGOLIN, New York Times bestselling author 

“[T]he book was excellent. It reminded me of early Robert Ludlum.”

“[A]n intelligent, high-octane thriller that will keep you up late and guessing until the very end. When I turned the final page I immediately wanted more.”
—ROBERT DUGONI, New York Times bestselling author 

The Last Justice is a lightning-paced thriller about high powered lawyers and the courts in which they practice, a story of violence and horror that reveals the unfathomable venality that runs through Washington like a sewer. The glimpse Franze gives us behind the Supreme Court’s doors is authoritative and fascinating. A terrific debut.”
—WILLIAM LASHNER, New York Times bestselling author 

“This mystery explodes with a bang . . . . Franze weaves all manner of legal trivia and Supreme Court lore through this, his first mystery novel—not to the extent, however, that these details slow down the chase . . . . Even when the several murders have all been solved and their perpetrators apprehended, Franze has one more big surprise left.”

“Franze, a member of Arnold & Porter’s appellate and Supreme Court practice, did his homework and gives impeccably accurate detail about the court and its inner workings. Even the solicitor general—rarely a protagonist or any other kind of character in a novel—gets entangled in the fast-moving events of this thriller.”

“In The Last Justice, Anthony Franze masterfully combines his knowledge of the insular worlds of the Supreme Court and Solicitor General’s office with a gripping tale that will keep you reading late into the night. Insiders will recognize the terrain; Franze constructs a believable backdrop for a heart-pounding, thrilling ride that will keep you guessing until the last page. Franze’s gifts for intricate plotting and fast-moving prose make The Last Justice a must-read for fans of legal thrillers.”
—ELIZABETH A. CAVANAGH, former Supreme Court law clerk 

“[A] riveting new thriller set in the secretive world of the Supreme Court . . . John Grisham (whose Pelican Brief also featured a couple of justices kicking the bucket) would be proud.”
—LAWRENCE HURLEY, Washingtonian Magazine 

“A gripping opening . . . tight writing throughout.”
—STEVEN JAMES, national bestselling author 

“In the style of John Grisham, with the authority of Oliver Wendell Holmes—and with insight to spare—Anthony Franze’s legal thriller brings you into Washington’s innermost inner sanctums, at a breakneck pace, and with writing so good that you will feel the chill of the marble halls—and the bullets slicing the chilly air around you.”
—KEITH THOMSON, New York Times bestselling author 

“A rocket ride. Hold on to your seats.”
—MARK GIMENEZ, international bestselling author

“[A] well written, fast moving, and suspenseful legal thriller.”
—MY SHELF.COM, (read the full review) 

“Franze, 41, is a member of Arnold & Porter’s Supreme Court and appellate practice, and much of his day job involves writing to the Court, not about it. In spite of its dark opening and an affair between two justices, Franze’s page-turner is downright respectful of the Court, scrupulously accurate in its details about the institution’s inner working. In a surprising way, the book reflects Franze’s admiration for the Court.”

“The action-packed storyline in this thriller will keep readers turning the pages . . . . not only thrilling but illustrates how strong—but also paradoxically how fragile—the government can be in the face of a national crisis.”