The Advocate’s Daughter

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Published by: Minotaur Books
Release Date: March 22, 2016
Pages: 320
ISBN13: 978-1250071651



Among Washington D.C. power players, everyone has secrets they desperately want to keep hidden, including Sean Serrat, a Supreme Court lawyer. Sean transformed his misspent youth into a model adulthood, and now has one of the most respected legal careers in the country. But just as he learns he’s on the short list to be nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court, his daughter, Abby, a talented and dedicated law student, goes missing. Abby’s lifeless body is soon found in the library of the Supreme Court, and her boyfriend, Malik Montgomery, a law clerk at the high court, is immediately arrested. The ensuing media frenzy leads to allegations that Malik’s arrest was racially motivated, sparking a national controversy.

While the Serrat family works through their grief, Sean begins to suspect the authorities arrested the wrong person. Delving into the mysteries of his daughter’s last days, Sean stumbles over secrets within his own family as well as the lies of some of the most powerful people in the country. People who will stop at nothing to ensure that Sean never exposes the truth.


“Smart, sophisticated, suspenseful, and written with real insider authenticity. A winner.”
—LEE CHILD, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Best Legal Thriller of the Year” in Influential Critic Stacy Alesi’s Best Books of 2016.

“[E]ngaging and riveting . . . . this no-holds-barred potboiler shines a light on Washington’s halls of power only to reveal the darkness lurking within them.”

“[T]he ‘best of the best’ when it comes to suspense.”

“A taut, twisting thriller”

“A stunning story that makes ‘House of Cards’ look like ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ readers of all ideological stripes will find it a splendid tale of grief and grievance, crime and corruption, power and perfidy.”

“Lawyers by trade are storytellers, and good lawyers tell good stories — Franze’s book is a case in point . . . . The Advocate’s Daughter will do quite well in your beach bag for a good summer read.”

“This fast-paced thriller will appeal to fans of Brad Meltzer, Joseph Finder, and Scott Turow.”

One of “The best books of summer 2016“

“The tension starts on the very first page, and keeps ratcheting up. Once it grabs you it won’t let go.”
—JOSEPH FINDER, New York Times bestselling author of The Fixer

“Franze has more close-up experience with the U.S. Supreme Court than probably any other crime novelist. He puts his insider position to enlightening work . . . . The mystery grows thick and dark, but the book’s major appeal lies in sorting out the read stuff about the court from the hectic fiction.”

“[Franze] gives readers an inside peek at the world of the Supreme Court, and tossing in an intriguing mystery only adds to the thrills . . . . Legal thriller fans should definitely find this appealing.”

“The Advocate’s Daughter keeps twisting and turning right up until its shock of an ending. Long-buried secrets and shadowy agendas murderously collide—smack in the middle of a heated Supreme Court nomination clash. Anthony Franze evokes the inner workings and backstage machinations of this hidden world with deftness and verisimilitude. Read and marvel.”
—GREGG HURWITZ, New York Times bestselling author of Orphan X

“Rich and fine in plot background with a flowing narrative style—this is fiction rooted in reality. Franze belongs more to the Scott Turow school of thought rather than that of John Grisham. Enjoyed the work…disturbingly enjoyed this work. Highly recommended.”

“[A] brilliant thriller that’s smart, well-written, and heart-stopping.”
—LINDA FAIRSTEIN, New York Times bestselling author of Devil’s Bridge

“A taut and twisting thriller, The Advocate’s Daughter is also a sensitive meditation on family and the price of secrets we keep from each other—and from ourselves. It crackles with authenticity and moves with an irresistible momentum. Fans of Brad Meltzer and John Grisham need to add Anthony Franze to their must-read list.”
—LISA UNGER, New York Times bestselling author of Crazy Love You

“[J]udicial fiction at its finest.”

“Fast paced, sharply plotted . . . . A blast!”
—ROBERT DUGONI, New York Times bestselling author

“[A] suspenseful thriller filled with insider knowledge of the Supreme Court, D.C. politics, and collisions between the two. It’s also an absorbing story about families and the sacrifices we make for the people we love.”
—ALAFAIR BURKE, New York Times bestselling author of All Day and a Night

“[I]t’s a powerful and moving drama about a family coping with an unspeakable loss. But as I can attest, having recently finished The Advocate’s Daughter (in just a handful of sittings), it’s also a riveting legal thriller that will keep you turning pages until the breathtaking end.”

“Tautly written and expertly put together, if there is one crime thriller you want to add to your collection, then let this be it.”
—CRIMINAL ELEMENT (“Fresh Meat” review)

“Franze’s writing style reminds me of both John Grisham and James Patterson . . . . He not only tells a good story, he also provides some insight into how the process of picking a new judge actually works . . . . quite impressive, and I look forward to seeing what he has in store for us next.”

“The Advocate’s Daughter is gripping, a compelling read, and I don’t mind having missed a few hours of sleep.”
—BURIED UNDER BOOKS (Reviewed by Lelia Taylor)

“I haven’t read a legal thriller this good in a long time . . . . the pacing is relentless, making this an all nighter for me . . . . This book put me in mind of The Tenth Justice by Brad Meltzer, his first book and still one of my favorite legal thrillers ever. Franze is in excellent company here and I look forward to more from this author.”

“A story about love, family loyalties, revenge, friendship, and racial tension and prejudice, and a story that everyone needs to read to understand just how far some will go to defend what they think is right and to protect their family even if they are wrong. The difference between justice, right and wrong, and the way to move ahead. Who killed the Advocate’s Daughter, and why? Find out when you read this outstanding novel by author Anthony Franze, and you decide whether justice prevailed.”

“A terrific new thriller . . . What struck me about the novel was its verisimilitude. Not so much in the overarching plot, a gripping tale of murder, revenge, blackmail and a U.S. Supreme Court nominee, but in the details of life and the practice of law in Washington, D.C.”

Praise for Audiobook:

“[O]ne of the year’s most engaging audio book thrillers.”
—NJ.COM (“What Fran’s Reading” segment for New Jersey Star Ledger/other newspapers)

“Franze’s brilliant tale clearly reflects the author’s background as a DC lawyer. Robert Petkoff’s narration brings the characters to life and adds depth to the suspenseful mystery. VERDICT: A great listen for thriller fans, especially those who enjoy politically themed mystery.”

“[A] smart, suspenseful, nail-biter of a whodunit . . . . Combined with Petkoff’s acting skills, this clever story draws you in, wrings you out, and holds you tight, until the very last word.”

The Last Justice

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Published by: Sterling & Ross Publisher
Release Date: February 7, 2012
Pages: 256
ISBN13: 978-0982139189



Chaos erupts at the U.S. Supreme Court when an assassin guns down the justices as they are hearing a case.

Solicitor General Jefferson McKenna, the government’s top lawyer in the Supreme Court, is appointed to the multiagency commission investigating the murders. As Congress draws battle lines over who will replace the slain justices, the commission follows clue after clue, each one pointing to an unlikely suspect: McKenna himself.

In a desperate bid to prove his innocence, McKenna, on the run with his deputy, Kate Porter, must track down a disgraced law clerk with ties to hidden Saudi assets. But their search leads to unexpected alliances, unearthing dark secrets and corruption at the highest levels—and the people with clues to the riddle keep turning up dead.

From the marble halls of the high court to the inner corridors of the West Wing, from the D.C. housing projects to the desolate back roads of a New York Indian reservation, McKenna and Porter are on a collision course with a shadowy enemy who will stop at nothing to keep the truth buried.

From its explosive first page to its haunting conclusion, THE LAST JUSTICE explores the politics of law, the bounds of friendship and love, and the frightening price of unbridled ambition.


“A stunning opening, an action-packed, intriguing middle, and a pulse-pounding ending. Who could ask for more from a thriller. Welcome Anthony Franze—a great new voice has entered the genre.”
—STEVE BERRY, New York Times bestselling author

“One of this year’s hottest debut authors.”

“An absorbing debut novel full of galloping plot twists, with that special touch: emotional truth.”
—PERRI O’SHAUGHNESSY, New York Times bestselling author

“[R]uns at 100 miles an hour and . . . full of ‘did not see that coming’ moments and with an ending that will surprise you. The Last Justice is wonderful.”

“[Franze] is a lawyer whom I am damn sure we will hear about in the coming years—a name that’s going to be said in the same breath as that of Scott Turow, John Grisham, and Steve Martini.”

“Watch out, John Grisham—Franze has arrived, and he’s damn good!”
—GAYLE LYNDS, New York Times bestselling author

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The Outsider

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Published by: Minotaur Books
Release Date: March 21, 2017
Pages: 320
ISBN13: 978-1250071668



A young Supreme Court law clerk finds himself caught in the crosshairs of a serial killer in this breathtaking thriller #1 New York Times bestseller James Patterson called “as authentic and suspenseful as any John Grisham novel.”

Things aren’t going well for Grayson Hernandez. He just graduated from a fourth-tier law school, he’s drowning in student debt, and the only job he can find is as a messenger. The position stings the most because it’s at the Supreme Court, where Gray is forced to watch the best and the brightest―the elite group of lawyers who serve as the justices’ law clerks—from the outside.

When Gray intervenes in a violent mugging, he lands in the good graces of the victim: the Chief Justice of the United States. Gray soon finds himself the newest—and unlikeliest—law clerk at the Supreme Court. It’s another world: highbrow debates over justice and the law in the inner sanctum of the nation’s highest court; upscale dinners with his new friends; attention from Lauren Hart, the brilliant and beautiful co-clerk he can’t stop thinking about.

But just as Gray begins to adapt to his new life, the FBI approaches him with unsettling news. The Feds think there’s a killer connected to the Supreme Court. And they want Gray to be their eyes and ears inside One First Street. Little does Gray know that the FBI will soon set its sights on him.

Racing against the clock in a world cloaked in secrecy, Gray must uncover the truth before the murderer strikes again in this thrilling high-stakes story of power and revenge by Washington, D.C. lawyer-turned-author Anthony Franze.


“THE OUTSIDER is as authentic and suspenseful as any John Grisham novel—and I like Grisham a lot.”
—JAMES PATTERSON, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Descriptions of the law and how the Supreme Court operates are engaging, and Franze knows how to showcase the ins and outs of that world without diving into too much legalese . . . . It’s like a mix of John Grisham and Scott Turow alongside the inner workings of the court system. Toss it all together and the end result is this winning novel.”

“[A]ll ingredients of a fine thriller, and that’s exactly what this one is.”

“Franze has earned a seat at the table of legal thriller masters, and his latest book is compelling proof of that.”

“Crafty and clever! Franze’s insider knowledge of the Supreme Court sets this twisty legal thriller apart. The sympathetic plight of the outsider hero, Grayson Hernandez, will keep you glued to the pages; the explosive plot will leave you breathless.”
—LISA GARDNER, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Franze raises the ante and with an astute piece of misdirection that keeps the reader guessing. A lawyer in a prominent Washington firm and an expert on the Supreme Court, he uses his experience and knowledge to create an authoritative, taut tale of power and revenge that focuses on a justice-minded, admirable protagonist.”

“Truth, justice, and the American way, Franze-style. From the first page to the last, The Outsider is a stellar look inside the Supreme Court, and a killer thriller to boot. Franze has cemented himself as a top-notch legal thriller writer. If you like Grisham, you will love this book.”
—J.T. ELLISON, New York Times bestselling author

“There is so much to like about ‘The Outsider’, I don’t know where to start. Anthony Franze has fashioned a potboiler of a tale that channels John Grisham, David Baldacci and Thomas Harris all at the same time . . . . ‘The Outsider’ moves at a blistering clip, never letting up or letting us down for a moment, as it realizes every bit of its considerable ambition.”

With an insider’s eye for detail, Franze delivers supreme wickedness in a world few of us will ever be privy to. Franze is taking the legal thriller to new heights.”
—LINWOOD BARCLAY, New York Times bestselling author

“THE OUTSIDER is a thriller of the first order. Anthony Franze brings that rare combination of great storytelling and insider knowledge that will keep readers turning pages well into the night.”
—JAMES GRIPPANDO, New York Times bestselling author of Most Dangerous Place

“Anthony Franze proves the adage that great lawyers make great storytellers. In THE OUTSIDER, Franze pulls off a remarkable feat: an adrenaline-fueled thriller that simultaneously illuminates Supreme Court history, precedent, and procedure. It’s a must-read for lawyers and law students—and anyone who savors getting lost in a great book.”
—DAVID LAT, Managing Editor of Above the Law, author of Supreme Ambitions

“For those who enjoy the legal shenanigans of John Grisham or Scott Turow, there are some excellent alternatives: Anthony Franze, Steve Martini, Christopher Darden, and Paul Levine.”

“There are enough plot twists to keep the pages turning and the suspense just keeps ratcheting up until the final denouement. If you’re a fan of legal thrillers, or just fast paced adrenaline reads, you won’t want to miss this one.”

“As we delve into (yet another) extremely good suspense by writer Anthony Franze, things are not looking up for character Grayson Hernandez… The mind of this author is so quick that he weaves a story so exciting it becomes a one-day read automatically.”

“Though THE OUTSIDER is a classic page turner, the novel also confronts important social issues—lack of diversity among law clerks, the morality of the death penalty, and the inability of the criminal justice system to right all wrongs. Maintaining a balance between an accurate portrayal of the legal system while keeping the pages turning can be a formidable task for legal thriller writers, but Franze does so seamlessly.”

“Look out Grisham and Turow, there’s a new master of legal thrills in town.”

“What a thriller. From the opening lines of the audiobook, the story of a string of murders in the shadow of the U.S. Supreme Court is, if you excuse the expression, a killer . . . . Petkoff takes listeners right to the edge as the plot continues to twist and turn, the obvious answers becoming less so. Murder, law, flawed but loyal old friends, and entitlement all come into play in this outstanding audiobook.”

“[A]nother love letter to the Supreme Court . . . . Terrific.”

“Franze is being hailed as the next John Grisham — and for good reason. ‘The Outsider’ is a high-wire act of political intrigue and mystery, atmospheric, and a wild narrative you don’t want to stop reading.”